Himachal Pradesh

Regal Realcom is a Real Estate Consultancy Firm that offers consultancy services in Leasing of commercial properties to corporates.

With near a decade of experience, the promoters have in depth knowledge and knowhow of the geographical areas of our operational areas and have many stories to tell.

With a Passion to make a difference, we’re able to offer our clients the significant benefits. Our Professional approach, transparency with invaluable local expertise ensures no stone goes unturned in finding the right property to suit the client’s requirement.

Regal Realcom offers a range of services on a local and national basis to tenants, owners, and investors.



The process of Corporate Leasing starts with expansion planning and leads to identifying the appropriate location. Our extensive understanding of the corporate leasing function enables us to provide you an efficient and effective solution . We make sure that the process of locating the specific property, negotiating on lease rentals, completing due-diligence and documentation and finally acquiring the property runs smoothly.

While understanding the clients’s nature of business and requirement of space, we keep all the major factors like presence of other corporates in the vicinity, building quality and parking facilities into consideration. Hence, in the process, we make sure that the chosen property is best for the corporate.

Through our efficient network of property owners and associates we can partner our clients to acquire properties across different states.


As the Indian transportation and logistics market witnesses new heights, there has been increasing buzz around technology adoption, network optimization, multimodal transportation and improving warehousing. The latter in particular has been evolving rapidly from traditional ‘godowns’ to modern facilities.

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